Aniracetam Diary


Daily Aniracetam Usage Diary - An Honest Review

So, probably like everyone. I recently watched the movie limitless and was struck by the idea of taking a pill that could make me "smarter". So I started doing some research wondering if indeed this was the case or if it was just hollywood fluff.

Well after doing some reasearch it does indeed turn out that a category of supplements called racetams can indeed improve your cognitive abilities. So I ended up ordering some aniracetam to test and try and to say the least...the results are astounding.

So I ordered up some aniracetams as well as some fish oil and a few other supplements and started taking them about five days ago. Initially, nothing happened and I realised that I needed to swallow them with some milk and fish oil as they are defintiely oil soluble. After doing that and taking around 1500mg a day I definitely noticed an alertness that I had not experienced for some time. I seemed to be extremely energised and ready to complete as many tasks as possible. So I really had discovered my own version of the "limitless" pill. 

The major downsides that I've found seem to realte with getting headaches and the need to drink copious amounts of water to satiate a dry mouth complex. Also, the aniracetam seemed to wear off towards the end of the day and it also seemed to institute some insomnia.

Overall though, it definitely perked me up and I felt much better whilst taking it. I dont think it really matched up to the likes of the movie experience BUT I definitely felt a bump from taking this nootropic.

Its really early days with documenting my experiences as i've only been on it for 4 or 5 days but I will attempt to keep a running diary of how Aniracetam has made me feel and what its done for my productivitiy.

So keep a lookout for my regular daily updates and hopefully you can get as much from it as I have.